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What Will You Do As An Ambassador?

United People MUN’s ambassador is a person who introduces, represents, and promotes United People MUN to their community, friends, and family. Being a part of United People MUN’s ambassadorship program, you will be in charge of spreading United People MUN’s programs by utilizing social media or any other promotional platforms and also participate and contribute to United People MUN’s conference. By joining UPMUN’s ambassadorship program, not only you will develop your soft skills and expand your network, but you will also receive incentives in return.


United People MUN Ambassadorship program aims to provide you an internship program as our “Ambassadors” where you can work to represent and promote the United People MUN conference and our vision & mission to attain a peaceful and sustainable society.

How Does Ambassadorship Works?

The ambassadors of United People MUN will be in charge of promoting UPMUN’s conference and our vision & mission. The ambassadors can promote the United People MUN conference by using their personal referral code through their social media and any other promotional platforms (Emails, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.) By sharing your personal referral code, you can invite more delegates to join our conference since they will receive a discount up to 20%. Furthermore, by inviting more delegates, you will be receiving more incentives from us as we have mentioned above.

Ambassador’s Main Duties & Responsibility

Introduce, represent, and promote upmun

Introduce, Represent, and Promote United People Model United Nations to enhance the conference’s reputation by engaging with all potential participants, sponsors, and partners professionally, truthfully, and empathetically.

Promote upmun through your social media

Promoting United People Model United Nations on social media to help the Communication & Marketing team, Public Relations team, and other teams in order to achieve their external marketing strategy objectives by participating in activities and using advertisement to increase delegate recruitment.

to be a Role model

To serve as a positive role model for youth and encourage them to select United People Model United Nations as an appealing program for their personal growth. Also, to always promote and foster awareness, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance as to unity in diversity of cultures, believes, views, and attitudes to attain a peaceful and sustainable society

To be aware of new informations

To be aware of and adjust to new information from the secretariat as well as information obtained from the internet to prevent misinformation and misunderstanding.

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