About Us

United People Model United Nations

is a program developed by youths to ensure equality in and through education which will boost youth’s self-development and self-esteem. United People Model United Nations also aims to foster youth’s sense of responsibility as to unity in diversity and global issues that are happening by providing them a platform to access first-rate education through an international Model United Nations to address and resolve these international issues. Above all that, United People Model United Nations pledged to make no compromise in the quality of our programs with a modest rate for our young future leaders.

Core values

United People Model United Nations is dedicated to encourage the development of youth’s self-esteem by putting them in the center of connected communities through quality education, which makes United People Model United Nations one of the best platforms for personal development.


United People Model United Nations is dedicated to deliver first-rate education and achieve equality in and through education.


United People Model United Nations aims to promote and foster awareness, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance as to unity in diversity of cultures, believes, views, and attitudes as well as creating an international community to address and resolve global issues to attain a peaceful and sustainable society. Above all that, we also offer the best MUN experience and services for our young future leaders with a modest rate.


Elaine Andrea Onggono, Founder

Hi, my name is Elaine. I’m currently a sophomore studying at TzuChi school, Jakarta, Indonesia. I discovered MUN during quarantine, and have been an active MUNer since then. I’m a highly motivated and persistent individual, with a hobby of learning new things. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing how people grow into better individuals and I am more than excited to encourage youth’s self-development. Therefore, I would gladly greet all of you to United People MUN, one of the best platforms to prepare youth for the future.

Mathiew Nova mardiancia, founder

Hey! My name’s Mathiew and I’m in senior high school studying social sciences. I’ve been interested in diplomacy, foreign political affairs, and international relations since I watched a lot of political TV Shows on Netflix during quarantine :). Ever since, I’ve been looking for a way to learn more about it, and I’ve finally discovered MUN. Since then, I’ve participated in a number of international MUN and gotten a number of honors. Moreover, I appreciate seeing people from all around the world collaborate in MUN to make the world a better place. As a result, I would be delighted to welcome our future leaders to United People MUN, as we have created and organized a platform for you to collaborate to make the world a better place while also improving your soft skill.

Frederick Putra Wijaya,

Co-Founder & Special Consultant

Hi, my name’s Frederick and I’m from Indonesia. I’m a very laid-back medical student who’s more interested in foreign political affairs than anatomy (-: I’m also a fervent MUN lover and have been attending MUNs since 2017. Throughout my ‘MUN career’, I’ve literally experienced everything, from being a delegate, part of the secretariat, running my university’s MUN club for a short while to being a part of the dais. And with those experiences, I hope to bring you the best conference experience.

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